Louisiana is a special place. Amazing culture, food, and the many different accents you'll encounter within a couple of hours' drive. Tourists are always fascinated with how we do and say things down here in the bayou. I have friends who will ask me all kinds of questions about what we say and what we eat and how to do things our way.

One account on TikTok is shedding light on how to function properly in south Louisiana if you're visiting or if you're moving here so that you can survive the wild, wild south.

Kaitlyn Mcquin is a TikTok personality from Louisiana, and she found some popularity through making videos about people visiting and leaving Louisiana. From tourists making common mistakes when visiting and what we do in the south compared to others across the United States.

Her videos are wildly accurate and remind you of when your out-of-town friends come to visit. It's wildly relatable and what we Louisianians go through when explaining how we do things here and why. There are also videos of when people from Louisiana visit other parts of the country, and how we are utterly confused by every single thing.

There are also the commonly asked questions we all get from out-of-towners that are utterly ridiculous. Do we have a pet alligator? Do we live in swamps? All the outrageous and outlandish questions we get. The south is an entirely different world compared to their world. Her video with all of the questions she gets is pretty funny.

You will definitely go into a deep dark viral video hole on her page because it is entirely too accurate if you're from Louisiana and live here. Send these videos to your out-of-town friends and family to see their reactions. I am sure they'll relate to one or all of these videos.

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