Chances are you've seen the very cute and comical video of two twin boys escaping their cribs and playing in their rooms all night long. When kids escape their cribs and do stuff in the house like that it's really quite funny.

However, when a toddler is able to walk out of a professional day care facility and meander onto a busy highway, that's where things get a lot more serious.

The incident happened at a daycare facility in Mandeville. What is more shocking to me is that the mother of the child was not informed of the incident until the next day. Needless to say, officials with Kidzone in Mandeville will have more than a few people to talk to.

Among those with a very strong interest in the case is the State Education Department. They are the people that certify daycare facilities across the state.

According to WWL-TV, a truck driver said the little boy just appeared out of nowhere on Louisiana Highway 59. Fortunately, the trucker was able to apply his brakes and not hit the child. The driver then exited his cab and retrieved the little boy from the roadway.

Officials with the daycare facility surmise that the youngster was able to sneak out of the facilities' play yard through a hole in the fence.

The unnamed child and the unnamed parents involved in the case have not come forward. I think it's a pretty sure bet that there will be legal issues to be resolved in the case. Kidzone Preschool and Daycare is located in Mandeville at 68480 La. 59. Kidzone has been licensed as a Class A facility. It is not sure at this time if this incident will affect that rating.

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