There are many fine child care facilities across our state. Most of those facilities work very hard to earn your trust as parent and provide a safe and nurturing environment for your kids.

In order to care legally and lawfully  for kids these facilities are subject to some very rigorous scrutiny. That is where the state's child care licensing comes in. It's just one more check and balance that you can depend on as a parent.

A St. Tammany Parish daycare center has lost the trust of the state and I would imagine every parent across the state. That facility, Abita Church Christian Daycare, has lost its license after a horrific discovery was made. Authorities discovered four unsupervised toddlers playing near Main Street in Abita Springs. 

Ken Pastorick is a spokes person for the Department of Education.

When you have four children able to get out of a yard that's supposed to be secured and get onto a busy street, that's a serious, serious issue.

The youngsters appear to have left the daycare facility through a hole in the fence surrounding the property. Fortunately none of the children were injured or harmed in the incident.

The incident which was reported on April 7th has resulted in the daycare center having its license revoked by the state.

Most childcare centers in Louisiana do a very good job of taking care of their children. The ones who don't, we act swiftly to revoke those licenses.

Pastorick, whose comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network, said the facility will have 15 days to offer an appeal to the revocation.

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