Members of the law enforcement community must have some of the best "you won't believe what happened at work" stories of the entire workforce. Every day it seems as if we are reporting to you about some of the oddities uncovered while the good guys are getting the bad guys off the streets.

Such is the story that has been reported out of Westlake, near Lake Charles over the past few days. It seems last Thursday an officer monitoring traffic on westbound I-10 in Westlake noticed a vehicle exceeding the posted speed. The officer engaged the vehicle and it was pulled over.

During the traffic stop, the officer noticed that each of the occupants offered different stories in regard to their recent travels and intended destination. That's when the officer became suspicious and brought in a K-9 Officer.

That K-9 Officer alerted on a leafy green substance in the vehicle so a search was authorized.  During that search, a large trash bag was discovered. In that bag were over 80 brand new cellphones still in their original packaging.

As officers continued their investigation they were informed of a robbery in Morrow Georgia at an electronics store where some 80 cellphones had been stolen. Those phones were inventoried and there are plans to return them to the store.

Two Texas men were arrested in connection with the traffic stop. They are facing charges of possession of stolen things as well as some other traffic and drug-related charges. Two other occupants of the vehicle were released before their part in the cellphone discovery was noticed. Those two men now have warrants out for their arrest.

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