If you've lived in South Louisiana for more than a few weeks you know just how quickly a storm can blow up on top of you. Such was the case for several fisherman on Sunday September 6th.

A rather intense thunderstorm developed over the Vermilion Parish coastline and thanks to a quick thinking and very well trained Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agent eight people are alive and well today.

Adam Einck a spokesperson for LDWF explained to the Louisiana Radio Network exactly what happened.

A lot of people that were fishing right there along the coast, their boats began to take on water. One of our agents was able to make it to the scene, he pulled eight people back with him and then also their vessels, as well.

That agent Sgt.Nicholas Guillory received a call about a boater in distress near Pecan Island and despite the dangerous conditions proceeded through the wind and waves to the location.

But once he got out there he saw one person that was waist high in the mud that was stranded. He was able to get him out of the water and into his vessel.

According to Einck on his way to the original distress call Guillory encountered three other vessels that were in trouble. He was able to assist all of the individuals that were in harm's way and get the people and their boats back to safety.

It was search and rescue, which all our agents are trained for. We have the vessels and the equipment. It was nice to see no one was hurt and we were able to recover all three vessels, as well.

We'd like to add our congratulations and extend a great big pat on the back and thank you to Sgt. Guillory for going above and beyond in serving the community.

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