It's the dreaded question that's eventually asked in every relationship. Sometimes, the answer ends the relationship before it really even starts. A recent survey reveals each State's average "number", and you might find it interesting...

Clearly, this data all depends on how truthful people were when taking the survey, but the folks at Bespoke Surgical feel pretty good about the honesty of the people who participated in the survey.

Bespoke Surgical surveyed 3,151 Americans across the country asking them two questions:

1. How many romantic partners have you been with?

2. What's the number you actually tell someone when they ask that question?


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As you might expect, the entire question of a person's "number" can be a complicated question for someone to answer. Different people have different ideas of what they consider it means to have "been" with someone.

Bespoke Surgical eventually defined "the number" for participants in the survey as activities more than just kissing.

Be patient with me, I'm trying to delicately dance around the topic without being too descriptive, but being descriptive enough so this makes sense.

Basically, the survey counts 2nd base to all the way home.

The survey found that Nationally, the average person "has been with 14.8 partners". However, Bespoke Surgical found the average person "rounds it down to 9.9" when people ask.


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So where does Louisiana land on the list?

"They found that Louisiana’s average number is 13.10, though the average person rounds this down by -4.59."

Louisianians average "number" was 13.10, however the actual average is probably around 18ish.

Compared to the other states in the survey, that number is nowhere near as high as it seems.


Washington is obviously in a league of their own

Read more about the survey over at

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