The website WalletHub released results of a survey on June 5th. The survey took data from different economic indicators. Among those indicators were building permits, government spending, employment, and growth in science and technology sectors.

The information used in the WalletHub survey was gleaned from several government agencies including the Census Bureau, the Bureaus of Labor Statistics and Economic Analysis and several others. The results of the survey probably won't surprise you an awful lot.

Louisiana's economy ain't that hot. 

But at least we're slightly better of than West Virginia. That's not much solace, is it? The other states whose economies are slightly above the third world (just kidding) in stature are Mississippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

So, exactly why is our legislature wanting to add a larger tax burden on the people of the state? It's almost as if we have elected these people to go to Baton Rouge, put on a large boot, and then kick the crap out of us while we are down.

I wonder if Governor Edwards reads these kinds of reports? Certainly, someone should bring this kind of unbiased news to his attention. The fact is this. We don't need our government taking more away from us. We need our government to tighten its belt even more than we've had to tighten ours.

Leadership comes through example and based on the example we've seen in Baton Rouge look out West Virginia we're coming for you next year!

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