One of the famous haunted house in the world, The Myrtles Plantation, caught fire last night in St. Francisville.

Around 10 p.m. last night, a fire reportedly started in the gift shop located right next to the house. Guests who were staying at the plantation were allowed back into the home for the evening, and fire crews said the fire was out.

"The gift shop is the oldest portion of the historic plantation, but it's detached from the main house by a small alleyway. That's why firefighters were able to prevent the flames from jumping over to the main house.

Every room in the plantation was booked tonight, and all visitors and staff were evacuated while St. Francisville and Zachary firefighters put out the flames.

Officials tell us those guests will be allowed back into the home tonight.

No injuries were reported."

Have you ever been to The Myrtles Plantation?

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