As much as we try to avoid it, injuries happen. What are the five most commonly searched injuries in Louisiana? Let's take a look...and hopefully, number 4 on the list has never happened to you.

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Louisiana's Most Common Injuries

Injuries can happen at any moment when we least expect it. Many times when we or someone we know suffers an injury, we take to the internet to learn more about it.

Personal injury attorneys at Injured in Florida recently used Google Analytics to analyze the number of average monthly Google searches in each state, including Louisiana.

They looked at performed searches for injuries and symptoms of illnesses to compile a top-five list of the most searched Louisiana injuries.

There's nothing too out of the ordinary...except for number 4.

We hope you or no one you know has had to go through number 4 on the list. But, given it's the 4th most searched injury in Louisiana, chances are you have.

Google Maps Our Lady of Lourde's Hospital
Google Maps Our Lady of Lourde's Hospital

From Injured in Florida -

"Injuries happen when we least expect them, so it can be stressful and overwhelming when one occurs while lacking knowledge of the steps to take.

Fortunately, the data suggests which injuries are most common in each state – and by understanding the symptoms, medical help can be sought as urgently as possible."

The study showed that concussions are the number 1 most commonly searched injury in Louisiana.

Nothing too crazy there. With high school football being as huge as it is in Louisiana and with how much time we spend outdoors, concussions at number 1 on the list seems about right.


The remaining four most searched injuries in Louisiana are -

2. Sprained Ankle

3. Burn

4. Degloving

5. Sprained Wrist.

Did you read number 4 and say "What the heck is degloving???"

We did too.

From -

"Degloving is an injury resulting in the top layers of skin being torn away, leaving muscle or bone exposed.

According to Injured in Florida, this injury is severe and can be life-threatening due to significant blood loss."

Degloving can happen as a result of falling, animal bites, and road accidents.

Treatments for degloving "consist of skin grafts and amputation".

Stay safe, and

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