Last Friday when Governor John Bel Edwards announced that State Police Captain Lamar Davis would be promoted to the position of Superintendent of State Police I was looking for some pictures to post with a news article I was writing about the story. I found it odd that there were no official handshake photos or pictures of Captain, now Colonel Davis with family, friends, and supporters.

I think I have found out why.

Our State's new "Top Cop" was a no-show for his first day in his new position and he wasn't in the office for a very good reason. Superintendent Davis was self-isolating because of concerns over COVID-19. Davis had reportedly been in direct contact with an individual who tested positive for the disease and because Davis understands the seriousness of the situation to his personal health and the health of others, he is waiting for the all-clear before reassuming his public appearances.

WAFB Television out of Baton Rouge was reporting that Davis, who has tested negative for the disease, is in his second week of self-isolation. Should he continue to show no signs of the disease he should be cleared to leave that isolation and be back at work and officially working in his new capacity on November 6th.

Talk about a strange way to begin a new job. But that's what the year 2020 has been all about. I am sure Superintendent Davis knows a thing or two about acting and reacting to circumstances that are beyond his control. His is a 25 year Louisiana State Police veteran and goodness knows that job will prepare anyone to expect the unexpected.

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