Quite often there is a legal connection made between being nude and being obscene. While sometimes the two conditions can be combined many times they are not. I am no legal scholar but I think the actual breaking of the law comes down to intent.

For the most part "decency" is defined by a particular locale. A swimsuit that might be just fine in Southern California might not fly in the other L.A. ( Lower Alabama). The presence or potential presence of children appears to be a player in the question of naked versus nekkid.

If you're not sure what the difference between naked and nekkid is then here is your explanation. Nekkid means you aren't wearing clothes and you're up to something, naked means you just happen to be in the nude.

So when and where can you be naked and not have to worry about wearing handcuffs, unless you're into that kind of thing?

Based on Louisiana statute 14:106. Obscenity: It appears as if you're only violating the law if you are trying to "arouse desire" by the display of your private parts or nipples. The nipples only apply if you happen to be a female. I am sure the ACLU is salivating at the chance to bring this to court.

Let's say you aren't attempting to arouse desire and you just happen to be jogging in the nude. According to the law, that's fine. I wouldn't recommend that you do that because on these warm summer days you can get a really nasty rash if your thighs rub together. Also, let's say you are picked up, do you really want to arrive in jail naked?

How about this scenario. You're fresh out of the shower and the towels are in the laundry room. You have to walk by an open window in the living room to get to the laundry room. Have you broken the law? Probably not unless you stopped to do a dance move or two or pretend you're a helicopter.

So, what's the answer? If you're a female and you want to sunbathe topless or if you're a male and you like to change a transmission in the buff can you do it? I think that depends on how physically attractive you are. That's probably not what the law says but it's probably closer to reality than most of us would care to admit.

The bottom line appears to be this. If you want to be safe, keep your bottom covered. If you like living dangerously then for goodness sake wear sunscreen. If you like being nude in your home or in the privacy of your fenced in backyard then make sure you move in next to people with poor eyesight.




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