Over the Summer LSU Director of Athletic Training Jack Marucci was determined to figure out why LSU had so many dropped passes last season, and find a way to fix it. As we saw this past weekend, it looks like he did it.

Consider the fact that LSU QB Joe Burrow’s had an amazing 81.8%  completion percentage against Texas. What sort of wizardry did Marucci figure out?

He says he found inspiration from baseball.

Marucci tells wwlradio.com "When I went to spring training I wanted to know what makes up a good hitter? Why are they able to see the ball differently and why are they hitting in these specific zones?"

He then studied film from last season and identified which routes seemed to work best for each receiver. Next, he got a super high tech pair of $14,000 goggles that tracked how each player's eye saw and reacted to the ball.

This resulted in being able to find out the dominant eye for each receiver. When players ran routes that catered to their dominant eye, Marucci says they saw a big improvement in completed passes.

Makes a whole bunch of sense doesn't it?




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