When it comes to LSU we have seen many amazing athletes come through the university. And it doesn't matter the sport, whether football, baseball, basketball, women's basketball, softball, or track LSU has produced some amazing talent. Well, LSU legend Shaquille O'Neal recently stated on his podcast that Angel Reese is the greatest athlete to ever come out of LSU.

Shaq stated that it didn't matter male or female, that Angel Reese is the greatest athlete to come out of LSU. He also added that she used her ability to get it done and win the big one. However, for me, we have seen great athletes win the big one for LSU. Whether it's Joe Burrow, Justin Jefferson, Ja'Marr Chase, Lolo Jones, or Sha'Carri Richardson we've seen some amazing athletes who have won the big one.

Social media did not agree with Shaq. Many were very vocal about who they thought was the best LSU athlete.

I think Shaq is living in the moment and that's fine but there is no way that Angel Reese is the best athlete to ever come out of LSU. We can appreciate Angel Reese for everything she's done for LSU but to say she's the best ever is absolutely asinine.

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