It is my personal observation that the Good Lord never intended for something as dirty as politics to ever become intertwined with something as beautiful as prayer. Yet in this day and age it seems the two concepts often find themselves engaged in battles that play out like a made for TV movie. That's because the battles really do seem to be less about the real issues and more about getting on TV.

Here is what you need to know about the  latest let's-get-some-media-coverage-for-our-side-event . Next month LSU's Pete Maravich Assembly Center has been booked for a prayer rally. Among the featured speakers at the rally is current Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Funding for the event is being made possible by the American Family Association.

The issue with the event stems from the stance the American Family Association has on certain social issues, namely gay, lesbian, and transgender issues. One LSU Professor, Chris Barret, told the Louisiana Radio Network that the American Family Association is a hate group.

"The whole mission of this organization is to defame and demonize the whole LGBTQ community,"

Professor Barret went on to say that in her mind LSU should not allow groups such as the American Family Association to use facilities that are funded by taxpayers of Louisiana to spread their message of hate.

"I think this is really a matter of...Does hate belong at LSU? And if you love LSU like I do, then you say then no, it actually doesn't it."

As you might imagine the American Family Association has a totally different view on the prayer rally. A spokesperson for that group, Bryan Fisher,  told the Louisiana Radio Network,

"I find it rather bizarre that anybody would have objection for getting together to pray and repent,"

The rally is scheduled to occur on January 24th and while Fisher and the AFA might not agree with Professor Barret's point of view, they seem to welcome the protest surrounding the event.

"The more they bang on their pots and pans, the more attention it draws to the prayer rally, and so that works in our benefit,"

As of this publication there have been no announcements concerning any change of location, date, or time for the event. Nor have their been any announcements concerning organized protests against this event. If  information is made available this web posting will be updated so that interested parties can make plans to attend either the rally or the protest of the rally.

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