We all have a shape. For many of us that shape is rounder than we want it to be. Whether you're built like an apple or a pear or an  hourglass LSU is looking at you. The LSU Ag Department of Textiles, Apparel Design and Merchandising is currently studying body shapes. This study will hopefully help the apparel industry better design clothing for real people with real people shapes and curves.

Casey Stannard is an Assistant Professor working on the project and she told the Louisiana Radio Network that the apparel industry needs help in creating clothing that people want to ultimately want to purchase.

We want to look at places people are actually losing weight and how it's affecting body shape. We want to see how that affects apparel and how we can design better.

If you're currently losing weight and would like to be a part of this study you can contact the LSU Department of Textiles, Apparel Design and Merchandising.  The study will require you to have a 3D body scan for each ten pounds of weight that you lose. The idea behind the study is to see where weight loss affects certain areas of the body. This will help the apparel industry better create clothing and garments for those that are losing pounds and inches.

These 3D scans of real bodies will help designers see what real people look like. Currently the fashion industry designs clothing based on the iconic hour glass figure. Unfortunately most of us don't have that particular body shape.

So really getting clothing out there that reflects the population is a win-win for everyone.

Anyone interested in participating can contact Stannard at stannard@lsu.edu or Laurel Romeo atldromeo@lsu.edu.


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