LSU Quarterback Myles Brennan would probably like to go down in history for his time at LSU. I don't think any Tiger fan would mind if Brennan went on a Joe Burrow-like tear during the coming football season.  However, an injury the TIger's quarterback suffered last year during the Missouri game almost made Brennan famous for another reason.

A doctor treating Brennan's injury said it was so unique that he told the student-athlete, "we could do surgery but I personally have never done surgery on this so we’d be naming the surgery after you if you wanted to". Well, with a college football and potential professional career on the line Brennan and his advisors opted to just let his body heal on its own.

What exactly happened to Brennan in the Missouri game has been described as eccentric contraction. Basically, when Brennan was hit on his shoulder by a Missouri defender his body was contorted in such a way that the impact tore a muscle in his abdomen.

Probably the strangest injury I’ve had, I saw a lot of doctors, we sent the MRI to NFL teams and professional baseball teams just to see if they had any advice and no one had ever seen an injury like this.

It turned out that Brennan's best course of action was the one that he and the LSU coaching staff chose. That was to keep him off the field and let his body heal.

Fast forward to now and everything appears to have healed up nicely as the LSU signal is back on the practice field for spring drills with his Tiger teammates. Brennan, the presumed Tiger starter, will still have to earn that position. He is locked in what many close to LSU football say is a close competition between himself, Max Johnson, TJ Finley, and Garret Nussmeier.

Spring drills for the Tiger football team will culminate with the annual spring football game. That game has been set for April 17th at Tiger Stadium.

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