I can only imagine what kind of weirdness 911 operators hear on a daily basis. They probably get guys calling them up asking where to buy some weed.

Oh wait, that actually happened!

A man in Hillsboro, Oregon called 911 earlier this month to ask, "Where can I buy some marijuana this morning?" By the way, it was 9:41 in the evening.

The dispatcher was caught a bit off guard and replied, "Do you realize you called the police department?"

The guy then replied, "No, I didn't. That's very interesting. Well, let me ask you the same question." He then proceeded to ask her the same question about the whereabouts of purchasing said whacky weed.

The dispatcher said she didn't know and then hung up. She sent cops over to check on him but amazingly he wasn't arrested.

Guess he didn't actually find that marijuana after all!

Here's the actual audio which was just released:


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