Catching a bird, it has been a quest for mankind since man first started roaming the planet. Catching a bird with your bare hands seems impossible, but it can be done. Admittedly it takes a bit of luck and a bird not quit aware of its surroundings.

What you are about to see is real. The hunter in this video is out hunting quail with his buddies and he reaches up and plucks a bird right out of the air. I have seen people noodle fish but never have I seen anyone bare hand a quail.

If you like hunting and live the outdoor lifestyle don't miss the Louisiana Outdoor Expo coming to Lafayette's Cajundome in July. Uncle Si from the TV show Duck Dynasty will be there, plus many other outdoors celebrities. You can shop for and find the latest hunting gear and equipment, plus everything you might want for fishing, camping and just loving the outdoor way of life.

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