Here is one amazing story out of Kettering, Ohio (near Dayton).

37-year-old Anthony Yahle was rushed to the hospital for some unknown reason. His heart wasn't beating. After working on him for 45 minutes with no luck, the doctors pronounced him dead.

Wait, hold what you got.

Anthony's 17-year-old son Lawrence ran into the room and saw his dad's body. He got emotional when he saw doctors had stopped working on him. So he pointed at his father and yelled, "You're not going to die today!"

It apparently worked.

The cardiologist looked at the monitor and realized Anthony's heart had started beating again! But just barely, so they went back to work. Slowly, his heart rate went back up.

After being clinically dead for so long, they thought he would have significant brain damage. However, when he awoke, he was fine!

Five days later, Anthony was released from the hospital and even went to work on the next Monday. His doctor is calling the event "mind boggling."

We call that a miracle.