According to officials with the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's office, via a KLFY story, the person who killed two dogs this past weekend near Abbeville has confessed.

The case start garnering attention after the Vermilion Parish animal aid was called out when two dead dogs were found near Chiasson Road.

As the investigation unfolded, it was learned by animal officials that someone had called earlier to say that his dog Snoopy had gotten out, and that another one of their dogs thing took off after him. Unfortunately, it was his dogs that were later found dead.

The deputy investigating this case says that the person who confessed to killing the dogs said they came onto his property and got into his chicken cages. The man says several chickens were dead, and he shot to stop the further killing of his chickens. He then told the investigator that the dogs were more aggressive to him, and he shot them in defense. The dogs eventually were killed by the shots.

The man says he did take the dogs elsewhere after they were dead.

The dogs were Snoopy and Azalea, and they were found on some property near Grosse isle and Chiasson Roads. The dogs got out on Sunday night.

KLFY talked to the Vermilion Parish Rabie Animal Control official Debbie Garrot who says that as this whole situation unfolded she wishes that the shooter would have just simply picked up the phone to get help instead of shooting the dogs.

As far as what will happen to the person who shot and killed the dogs, the case is being referred to the district attorney's office.




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