A man was seen harassing a woman in a Target store after he noticed that she was not wearing a mask.

The man in the video here is seen wearing a mask and even seems to have a badge on identifying that he is fully vaccinated.

He notes that there is a statewide mandate for all to wear masks, but he does not stop there. This guy continues to follow the woman shopping and even begins to question her.

As the woman walks away from him, he says that his wife is a doctor and that he knows what he is talking about. In the background, you can hear other shoppers plead with this man to leave the woman alone.


He ultimately calls the woman here a bad person and others step in between him and the woman he was harassing.

I ask, what would you have done had this man approached you? And does it even bother you if you see someone out in public without a mask?

Sadly, we have seen a number of people get into verbal and physical altercations because of the mask policy where they are.

I remind you, protect yourself and others as we move through this pandemic, but also be respectful of others and their decisions.

Here is the video that is circulating around the internet today.

Since the video has surfaced, here's what some are saying about the man in the video that you just watched. Agree or disagree?

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