One man in New Orleans hopes that his creativity will stop some from breaking into his truck.

WDSU interviewed Martin Schott after his truck was broken into three times in just a matter of days.

While there may be no end in sight when it comes to combating the break-ins in New Orleans, Schott hopes that his message to the thieves deters them from breaking into his truck once again.

Using pillowcases, the New Orleans man has left a message for anyone who may want to break into his truck and it reads, "Don't break. Nothing to steal".

Like so many in New Orleans, Schott says he's had enough of the crime in the city and he hopes this simple form of communication saves him money in repairs.

Recently, the mayor of New Orleans announced the formation of a special task force to combat break-ins, but that has yet to have an impact on the crimes committed.

As we've reported here in recent weeks, the break-ins have become such an issue in New Orleans, it has gotten the attention of the NFL and NBA, which could impact any future sporting events in the city.


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