His disguise wasn't good enough to fool anyone and now he's paying the price for it.

An elderly man by the name of Joseph Stroud agreed to a plea deal to lower felony charges to a misdemeanor after causing more than $2500 in damages to a former neighbors headstone.

The Arkansas man was arrested last August after he was busted on surveillance video placing dead animals on the headstone, staining it with blood from the animals. What's worse is the 79-year-old man did all of these dastardly deeds dressed as a woman.

Stroud was arrested in August after he was caught on surveillance video dressed in overalls and a woman’s wig placing dead animals on the headstone, police said. He was charged with defacing objects of public respect.

It didn't take much detective work for the police to figure out what Stroud was up to.


The granddaughter of Fred Allen McKinney said she and her family began finding dead animals on her grandfather's grave last summer. She told the cops that Stroud and her grandfather had farms next to one another and "never got along."

Stroud must now surrender his driver's license (due to his mental health) and was given a one-year suspended sentence along with $2500 in victim restitution.

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