UPDATE:  The latest on this story is that two men were in the home, and both of them have come outside of the house after negotiating with authorities.

Officers are questioning the two about this whole situation.

Lafayette Police, along with their SWAT team, are on the scene near a home in the 100 block of Champagne Street.

Sources tell Kpel that an officer was working on making a Lafayette traffic stop when a man got out of the car, and went into the home.

This is near the area of the Brass Room.

In addition, we have learned there are two men inside of the location, and a huge police presence at the scene as you can see in these pictures.

Police At 100 block of Champagne Street
TSM Photo

The person is refusing to come out.

This is a developing situation.

We have no indication yet as to why the officer was making the traffic stop.

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