The manager of a Sears outlet in the heart of downtown Seattle says that an elderly man has repaid (with interest of course) cash, that the elderly man had stole in the late '40s.

The manager came into the store to find an envelope left for him by the elderly man with a $100 bill and a note.

The note stated that the man had stolen in-between $20 and $30 and wanted to repay what was owed.

The manager says that he thinks the man's conscience "has been bothering him for the past 60 years."

Store security cameras recorded the man, but Sears officials said they don't know who he is and they won't release the video.

The store plans to put the money toward helping needy families in the holiday season.

Now, ain't that a dawg gone good deed? I understand the man had stolen the money, and had gotten away scott-free with it! But, it takes a real man to own up to his mistakes and try to make amends for them no matter how long it takes.

Have you ever stolen anything and tried to give it back or repay them because you felt bad? I'm not saying money or anything, but say a pen or eaten the last piece of cake at a friends house without them knowing.