It is the season when almost every day UPS trucks, FedEx trucks, United States Postal Service Vehicles, and now many stores are dropping deliveries at front doors and on porches across South Louisiana too. This influx of valuable and hard to trace goods has led to the inevitable rise of porch piracy across the region. 

Local law enforcement agencies are reminding you to be aware that there are a lot of people who are looking to steal your Christmas, well at least the presents and packages. But, there are things you can do to stop those grinches from getting anything but maybe a police record.

One way you can sink a porch pirate before they have a chance to pilfer your products is to have your purchases shipped to where you work. You probably want to check with your supervisor before you do, but this works out well and it allows you to keep prying eyes away from your packages too.

Also, if you know you're not going to be at home to receive a package make arrangements to have the parcel dropped at a neighbor's house. Or you could have the package sent to a family member's home too. The bottom line is simple. The shorter the time your package sits on the porch, the less likely it is to be stolen.

Doorbell and security cameras and lots of signs touting that you have them make for a great crime deterrent too. I personally like the abundance of signs that your place is electronically monitored. This ounce of prevention is well worth more than a pound of peace of mind.

Now don't get me wrong, cameras work great too, but they really only come into play after your stuff is stolen. Sure, you might catch the crook but are you going to get your stuff back? Probably not. But, the cameras do offer a certain air of protection and in the event, someone takes your stuff, at least you have recourse.

Oh, and one more thing, if you are going to order online, try to order from a local company. Many times they can make package pickup and delivery easy and on your schedule too. Besides, local companies support our tax base and that keeps our communities thriving. So, no matter where you shop, online or in stores, please try to spend your dollars here in South Louisiana.

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