I like bananas. They are a tasty tropical treat that are rich in potassium. From what I am told that's the stuff you really need during exercise to keep your muscles from cramping into knots like a teenager's headphone cord.

I also like the way bananas smell. One of my favorite scents is banana tanning oil. I guess I like that because it smells like the beach. The thought of beach makes me think of swimsuits. The thought of swimsuits takes me back to exercising and knotted muscles under doughy white flab. 

Bananas are not really a fruit. They are actually herbs. You can use that nugget of knowledge next time you and your friends are sitting around slamming bananas and really reaching for topics of conversation.

The video you see above features one of the most unique banana tricks I have ever seen. I have to admit those with a sensitive stomach might not want to watch but those who enjoy watching dogs do strange things will probably get a kick out of it.