We've all pondered what we would do if we ever won the lottery -- buy a new home and car, set up our kids for college, give some to charity, etc.

Notice the "some" part on the charity giving.

Well, one man in Canada is giving ALL of his winnings to charity.

This past May, 64-year-old Tom Crist of Calgary won $40 million in the Western Canadian Lottery. He was golfing with some buddies in Palm Springs when he got the call from lottery officials in Canada telling him the good news.

He didn't tell anyone though, not even his kids, until this past Monday when lottery rules stipulate he had to go in and have his photo taken.

He wasn't "not telling" because he wanted to hoard all the money for himself. It turns out he's retired and pretty well off so he doesn't really need the money. And that's why he's decided to donate it to charity.

Tom lost his wife of 33 years to cancer in 2012 so he immediately knew what to do with the money.

He says a large chunk of it will go to cancer research. On Tuesday, he donated $1.2 million to a local cancer center in Calgary.

The rest is in a trust fund. He and his kids will handpick which charities the money goes to.

What a great guy! May God bless he and his family and that money go to do some amazing things to help other people.



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