This Super Media Day moment brought to you by the NFL and Marshawn Lynch is what idiots in the media have been waiting for.

Say what you will about Marshawn Lynch and his forced interview style, but I rather admire his ability to disregard every question from the press and calmly dole out the same answer every time!  That takes focus and committment.  Two traits that have helped to make he and his Seattle Seahawks into champions.

Ok! Yes.  It's rude as hell.  But we wouldn't have to sit through this if the NFL didn't force him to sit through it as well.  And what does the media do? They continue to ask him questions knowing they will not get an answer.

In this video you'll see Marshawn Lynch arrive for his required five minutes of press availabliltiy.  Lynch tells the media that he will give the same answer to every question, and they can go ahead and start firing away. The answer from Lynch? "I'm just here so I won't get fined." Touche Marshawn!  Now who do I blame for the five wasted minutes I just spent watching your interview?  The NFL?  You?  Or myself?  Since we got exactly what Marshawn promised... I blame myself!  And the NFL!  "Down with Goodell," said the still disgruntled Saints fan in regard to the 2012 Bounty Scandal!

I would say to you, "enjoy this Marshawn Lynch interview."  But that's not likely.

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