Big news out of Cameron Parish as the face of that area will soon be changing.

A huge, 500-acre port will be built over the next four years on the Calcasieu Ship Channel which will create close to 4,000 permanent jobs. This will double the employment in the parish.

Peterson Offshore Group, a Dutch international energy logistics management company, signed a letter of intent on Wednesday with Port Cameron to lease 1.2 million square feet in Port Cameron's Logistics Center.

During construction, over 8,000 jobs will be created. Once complete, the port will add close to 4,000 new jobs. Statewide, close to 10,000 jobs will be added.

Construction will likely begin near the end of 2017. During the first five years in operation, it estimated that over $450 million will be generated in tax revenue for the state.

Executive Director of Port Cameron Ted Falgout says that Cameron Parish is the perfect location for this project.

"I think seeing these raw assets that exist [in Cameron Parish], proximity to Houston, depth of the Calcasieu Ship Channel, the great inland waterway connections of this region - how these assets can be put together to create efficiences we have not experienced before.

"The game-changer is the ability to introduce cost savings of 30, 40 perhaps even 50 percent in logistical savings for oil and gas companies," Falgout said. "That capability coming out of Port Cameron we think will create Port Cameron as a logistical hub for this region."

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