A Louisiana driver recently caught a massive dust devil on video outside of a restaurant in Gonzales.

Louisiana Dust Devil
Screen Cap Via WBRZ

Massive Louisiana Dust Devil

A motorist recently caught a huge dust devil whipping around in front of a restaurant on Burnside Avenue in Gonzales.

As you can see in the video, the dust devil towers over the parked SUV as it continues to grow and twist.

According to WBRZ, no significant damages were reported.

MarianVejcik, Getty Stock / ThinkStock
MarianVejcik, Getty Stock / ThinkStock

How Do Dust Devils Form?

Dust devils can actually be pretty dangerous, causing injuries and property damage.

So, how and why do they form?

It all has to do with the temperatures of the ground and the air above it.

From weather.gov -

"Dust devils form in areas of strong surface heating, usually at the interface between different surface types, such as asphalt and dirt.

If the temperature of the ground becomes much warmer than the air above it, vertical mixing will take place to release this unstable configuration.

Once the ground heats up enough, a localized pocket of air will quickly rise through the cooler air above it. The sudden uprush of hot air causes air to speed horizontally inward to the bottom of the newly-forming vortex."

Check out this video of a massive dust devil caught on video this past Wednesday in Gonzales.

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