Louisiana's very confusing position on medical marijuana got one step closer to clarity yesterday. The Louisiana Senate voted to send Senator Fred Mills bill on medical marijuana to debate on the Senate floor.

There were many people who spoke in support of the medical marijuana bill. Among those speaking was Michelle Hall of Vernon Parish who explained her very personal reason for wanting clarity on the dispensation of medical marijuana. She said marijuana could help her child who suffers from epilepsy.

"I could do away with this medicine, this medicine and this medicine automatically from day one it's gone because that cannabis oil will stop that,"

There were several other speakers who spoke in support of the bill, only one speaker voiced the opposition point of view. That speaker was Pete Adams who is executive director of the Louisiana District Attorneys Association.  Adams told the Louisiana Radio Network,

"Marijuana, while it might be nice to smoke, it has not been scientifically proven to be effective as treatment therapeutically for a lot of these diseases,"

Mills, the New Iberia Representative attempted to push similar legislation through the Senate in 2014. His new proposal addressed concerns lawmakers had over cultivation, dispensation, and prescription controls.

Currently Louisiana law does allow for medical marijuana. However there are no legal ways for doctors to prescribe or deliver the medication to their patients. That was the loophole in the law that Mills' legislation was hoping to close.