In the world of politics common sense often takes a backseat to special interest groups and lobbyist. It's not wrong, it's just how things get done in the world of pay-per-vote government. In other words if you want to have your issue heard by the right representatives you'd better have a third party person running interference and buying dinner. I'm certainly not implying that any laws, rules, or procedures are being violated here, I just wanted to make sure you that we all had a pretty clear understanding of how the cow eats the cabbage.

In the issue of medical marijuana, studies have shown where it is an effective form of treatment and where it is not. Louisiana does have medical marijuana laws on the books but they are laws with no teeth. The problem with our current laws is they do not provide for delivery of the drug to patients or regulatory controls. Currently, legislation to close those loop holes and tighten the restrictions are being debated. That's where the lobbyist I referenced in the opening paragraph come in.

The Louisiana Cannabis Industry Association has been formed to help lawmakers better understand the need, the use and the controls needed for medical marijuana use in the state. The group believes that the people of the state are in favor of changing the laws but a spokesman says he's not sure if lawmakers are on board with what the constituents want.

"There's been recent polls from LSU that indicate 79% of people are in favor of medicinal marijuana,"

Jesse McCormick made those statements to the Louisiana Radio Network. McCormick is spokesperson for the the Louisiana Cannabis Industry Association.  McCormick believes the reality of whether medical marijuana has a chance in Louisiana will be determined after a committee hearing on Senator Fred Mills' bill. The outcome of that meeting will be a test of the political waters to see how lawmakers might vote when and if the issue was presented to the full body for passage.