Ever skip one day without bathing and you just feel icky? Or try two days? Or maybe that time you camped in the backyard in your pop-up tent as a kid and went a whole weekend without cleaning the corn out of your ears!

You'll have to multiply all that by a lot to measure to one guy in Iran. He's claimed to not have bathed for 60 years, and by the looks of his picture, he ain't lying!

80-year-old Amou Haji of southern Iran says he hasn't taken a bath or shower in 60 years! That would make the last time he used a bar of soap was 1954.

The reason he avoids cleaning himself? He says, "cleanliness brings [me] sickness."

Amou lives a nomadic life -- or in other words, he's homeless.

He says he smokes a pipe everyday filled with animal feces. Eww! His favorite food is porcupine.

Now as gross as all this sounds, he could soon be in the Guinness Book of World Records. If Guinness would be able to confirm his claim, he'd break the record for not bathing or showering. (Why is this even a category?) Apparently the current record holder is some guy in India who went 38 years without washing himself.

Time to get grossed out. Here are some pictures of the guy courtesy of Imgur.

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