A lot of us love to play the "if I won the lottery game". That's the game where we dream of all the things we would buy and the places we would go and the people whom we would tell to stick it where the sun don't shine. That is my Bud Light induced fantasy my friend.

Last night the drawing for the largest lottery prize the world has ever known was held in Atlanta and the authorities are saying there are three winning tickets that matched all the numbers. I ask you are these people truly lucky? Or has that persons life suddenly been thrust into an out of control downward spiral?

I think we would all like to have more than enough money to live on. I don't think any of us want the pain and suffering and end of life as we know it to suddenly be thrust into a Mega Millions spotlight. Just so you know, the winning tickets were sold in Maryland,Kentucky and Illinois  so there is a pretty good chance you aren't the winner. I agree it is fun to dream of untold wealth but I think I would rather get my money the old fashioned way by hitting a long shot trifecta at the Kentucky Derby.

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