Passengers of the MegaBus had only been settled in their seats for a few hours when their trip from New Orleans to Houston came to a screeching halt on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge early Monday morning.

According to reports, the bus was struck by a falling tree or perhaps the bus struck a tree that had fallen into the roadway. Regardless, there was a bus and a tree and when they meet at freeway speed it's never a good thing.

One person on the MegaBus was injured and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. According to reports, the bus did sustain significant damage. The side mirror was ripped off and the windshield was damaged as well. The other passengers remained on the bus until the accident scene near Butte LaRose was cleared. The bus then traveled to the Atchafalaya Welcome Center to wait for a replacement bus.

Unfortunately for passengers hoping to keep a time schedule that replacement bus did not arrive to retrieve the stranded passengers until after Noon on Monday. However, the bus eventually did arrive and passengers were taken on to Houston.


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