To quote the legendary rock and roll band Grateful Dead, "What a long strange trip it's been". That must be how riders of the Houston to New Orleans Megabus service felt after what they experienced yesterday.

Here's how things unfolded. Shortly after 5 PM, the Megabus pulled to the side of eastbound Interstate 10 near milepost 26. The driver had reported a medical emergency and pulled to the shoulder to assist in offering aid.

It was at about that time the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's office received a call that suggested there was an explosive device on board the bus. This prompted deputies to evacuate the bus so a search for the alleged explosives could be carried out. This also caused the eastbound lanes of I-10 to be closed.

Deputies noticed that as passengers disembarked one passenger, in particular, attempted to make a getaway from the scene. That passenger was detained and his backpack was searched. That is when deputies discovered the passenger was carrying cocaine.

Once the bus had been cleared by explosives experts the drug-sniffing dogs were then brought on board. The K-9 officers helped their human counterparts uncover even more contraband on board the bus.

All in all three arrests were made and a kilogram of cocaine was confiscated as well as over 100 bottles of Promethazine. A large sum of money was also discovered during the course of this search. Louisiana State Police along with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's office are continuing their investigation.


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