If quitting time today means you're off and on the road there is good news waiting at your favorite gas station. You won't be spending as much of your vacation money on filling up your car. Gas prices across Louisiana and the nation haven't been this low since 2009. That's good news for motorist and not so good for Louisiana's oil economy.

A petroleum analyst says the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline across the state is $2.49. That's .95 cents less than what we were paying for fuel just one year ago.

While motorist may have noticed a steady increase in gas prices over the past month, there shouldn't be any shocking increases over the summer driving season. During the past thirty days drivers in Louisiana have paid about .21 cents more per gallon than they did at the beginning of the survey period.

If  you look at it this way for every gallon you put in your tank this summer, you're keeping a dollar in your pocket. Over the course of a vacation trip or drive to the beach you could find yourself with an additional $50 dollars in spending money and that always comes in handy when you're traveling.