"I Forgot!" Nothing will bring out the beast in my wife quite like that little phrase right there. I think it's because I use it so often. I am not a list maker, I am a man. I do forget a lot of things too. Important things I am told. I have never forgotten a child at a rest stop but I have forgotten to mention the ten people that are coming over to watch the game this weekend. So how can we improve our ability to remember? Let's go back in time for the answer.

The story tells that an ancient Greek poet by the name of Simonides was asked to recite his most recent work at a banquet. He stopped by the venue, gave his talk and left. Shortly after he left, the entire building collapsed killing everyone inside. The authorities needed to know who was in the building. They were hoping Simonides could at least give them a partial list of the occupants. To their surprise he was able to recall all of the names of the people that were there. The method he used back then is now known as the Roman Room Method. It really does work and it's easy to learn.

With so many of us having to remember so much especially at this time of year this method could be your savior when it comes to groceries, holiday shopping, or getting everything you needed all in one trip.

If you want to learn how the Roman Room Method for memory works, just watch this short video and you may never forget anything ever again.


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