One of the biggest Mardi Gras celebrations in the state of Louisiana happens each year in Jefferson Parish. And since Orleans Parish and the city of New Orleans already announced the cancellation of Mardi Gras parades and events for this year, some folks were hoping to have a delayed celebration in Metairie. There was talk that parades could be moved to Memorial Day weekend, but according to, that's probably going to be quashed at a Parish Council meeting to discuss the issue on Wednesday, January 13.

The Council is set to vote on the ordinance tomorrow that would move the parades to May, but even the sponsor of it doubts that's going to happen now, due to the rise in coronavirus cases in the parish. Councilwoman Jennifer Van Vrancken told "This ordinance is really about preserving the possibility of parading in 2021. But that can't happen until the vaccines have had a significant impact on the spread of the disease."

Others, including Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng say that moving forward with parades at a later date would be difficult, and she wants the parish resources to be focused on getting vaccines out to citizens, rather than parades.

One local krewe is not actually ready for the change. Missy Heldreth, captain of the Krewe of Excalibur says they will more than likely wait to roll until 2022, even if the parish council votes to move the parades to May. Read more from on the situation.


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