In tribute to the late Charlie Daniels, veteran Metal band Korn have recorded and released their version of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia". However, the question people around Acadiana are asking right now is, how the heck did Kimball Chapel Methodist Church in Duson wind up being featured on the cover?

A few days before the official release of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia", Korn posted a teaser picture to their Instagram page of an outdoor sign with all of the letters scrambled.

Little did we know, that sign with the scrambled letters is a familiar sight to many people around Acadiana.

On July 28 in another Instagram post, Korn revealed to their fans the word scramble was "The Devil Went Down To Georgia", their new single and tribute to Charlie Daniels.

If the church in the picture looks familiar, that's because it's Kimball Chapel Methodist Church in Duson.

Was it just a google maps search and they liked the way the church looked? Highly unlikely as you'll see in the google maps street view picture below.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Korn is no stranger to Lafayette and Acadiana. Early in the band's career, they spent time enjoying our unforgettable Cajun food and hospitality with a few Lafayette residents, even spending the night on a few couches. Then, there was the band's highly publicized and locally controversial "Family Values Tour" at the Cajundome in 1998. The local backlash was caused over what many felt was an issue of false advertisement with regard to the name of the tour. It made such an impact on the band they even discussed the Lafayette show in a couple of home videos.

However, it still doesn't explain how in the world Kimball Chapel Methodist Church in Duson wound up on the cover for the band's new single! Seemingly pretty random, but I'm sure there's definitely more to the story.

One thing is for sure, Korn, like all of us, were huge fans of Charlie Daniels and hold a huge amount of respect for him, his talent and his music.

Below is a clip of Korn's version of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia".

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