A group of meteorologists from around the country and the world are trying to rescue a word that can be pretty important to the job they have to do. That job is forecast the weather. The word that's got their temperature raised slightly above normal is "snowflake"

To someone whose job it is to forecast the weather a term like "snowflake" means a single ice crystal falling from the heavens toward earth. Snowflakes turn into snowfall. The snowfall turns into snow drifts. The snow drifts and gusting winds turn into life-threatening situations. So you see the word can have some significance in keeping people out of harm's way.

Enter the Millennial generation. And their penchant for being fragile, delicate, unique, and some other words they probably read on a participation certificate from soccer camp. Based on that description you can see why the term "snowflake" appeared to fit.

But because of the now "new definition" of the word snowflake meteorologists around the world are being bashed for being insensitive by using the term in their forecasts. What the heck else is the weatherman supposed to call a piece of snow?

I guess the weather guessers can now feel the pain that the people who make SPAM feel when someone is talking about email. Or the makers of the diet candy Ayds must have felt when a disease with a similar name started making headlines. Sometimes life isn't fair. But I do have a suggestion on how to remedy the problem.

If society is going to insist that we call fragile and delicate members of the Millennial generation snowflakes we need to come up with a new term. I suggest we start calling snowflakes "wusses". Because that's how we described snowflakes in my not so politically correct upbringing.

I can just hear the local weather guys talking about how many wusses will have to fall before we see any accumulations.


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