Maybe you know, maybe you don’t. Metro Narcotics says Lafayette has a Heroin problem. The Metro Narcotics Task Force seized over 179 grams in Lafayette in 2013, evidence that the Heroin is starting to show up more than ever in Lafayette Parish.

Capt. John Babin Told KLFY -
“Heroin is a big problem for us here. It’s something we haven’t dealt with in the past. When you see something that you haven’t dealt with in the past you know it could have been a one time and it’s done. But we’re starting to see it on a more consistent basis now, although it’s smaller amounts, but it’s more consistent now.”

So far in 2014, almost an ounce of Heroin has been seized already.

“Which isn’t a huge amount on the grand scheme of things, but as compared to what we’ve seen in the past, it’s a lot,” says Babin.

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