Some people think mice are cute, while others think they are dirty and disgusting, or even terrifying. No matter what camp you fall into, you might like to know a little bit more about just how these diminutive creatures always seem to find a way inside your house.

Teeth that keep on growing
Yes, mice love to gnaw on things, no matter if those things are edible or not. Gnawing helps these rodents create spaces to squeeze through, and it keeps their teeth in check. Since mice teeth never stop growing, they need to file them down by chewing on hard surfaces, in order to maintain a manageable tooth length.

Soft in the head
Mice have incredibly soft skulls, which means their craniums can be squashed down in size, while leaving their brains (we’re not talking about little Einsteins here) relatively intact. Mice have very malleable bodies, as well, which lets them fit through very tiny holes and spaces.

Squeezing through a ballpoint pen-sized hole
The pliability of their bodies allows the little critters to push their way through ballpoint pen-sized holes. That’s about 6mm in diameter. A mouse that wants to find a way into your kitchen because it’s hungry is going to get in no matter how much sealing caulk you smother across the baseboards.

Mice control
There really is no stopping these squishy, miniature Houdinis from getting into your home. If you have a deathly fear of them, your best bet is to run a tidy household, never leave food out or uncovered, and perhaps invest in a few aggressive and mouse-crazed cats. If that fails, you can always set up some mouse traps, or call in a professional exterminator to finish the job.

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