The plot continues to thicken in the saga of country singer Mindy McCready, who went missing with her son Zander this week and now turns out to be seven months pregnant with twins. Though McCready insists she didn’t kidnap her 5-year-old son, it has been widely reported that she took him from her father’s Florida home Tuesday and doesn’t have legal custody of him.

Even before the talk of twins was thrown into the mix, McCready has been a hot topic in the news today. Leading up to the alleged kidnapping, the 37-year-old mother was waiting for a court decision on whether she or her mother, Gayle Inge, would gain custody of Zander after a Nov. 4 hearing.

To top off the drama, McCready is also suing her mother and the National Enquirer for a story that appeared in the publication in which the mother claimed her daughter was abusing drugs and called her out as an unfit mother.

As Mindy McCready pops up in headlines and news outlets, her rep is trying to smooth things over, saying, “Since at least January 2011, Ms. McCready has been desperately advising the court and others involved in the Ft. Myers, Fla. proceedings that Zander is in danger, both physically and emotionally, at Inge’s home. As a direct result of being a mother (not an actress, not a singer), Ms. McCready took action to ensure her son’s safety.”

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