There are some really sick people roaming the streets and neighborhoods of our communities. Fortunately one of the sickest is going to be locked away for a long long time.  Barry Ardolf,"The Minnesota Hacker" as he has been called on the web has been sentenced to 18 years in the federal pen. When I say hacker I mean computer hacker not Jeffery Dahmer hacker.

The problem started innocently enough, a young couple, attorney Matt and Bethany Kostolnik  parents of  a 4 year old child move in next to Mr. Sicko. The 4 year old boy accidentaly wanders into the perverts yard. Mr. Perv returns the child to his parents and then kisses the 4 year old boy ON THE LIPS right in front of his parents. I think I would have killed the man right then and there, but the Kostolnik's do the right thing and call the authorities.

Mr. Sicko gets annoyed that the law is involved and he vows revenge and let me tell you this guy has revenge down to a science. Mr. Sicko purchases equipment to break the encryption on the  Kostolnik's wireless internet router. He then proceeds to send threating messages and sick pictures of children from the young family's e-mail account. You can imagine how the Mr.  Kostolnik is affected when child pornography and threats to kill the Vice President  of The United States start showing up from what appears to be his personal e-mail account at the law firm where he  works

Fortunately the head of the young family is employed by a law firm, an understanding law firm. The lawyers use their own means of trickery to get to the bottom of the e-mails and Mr. Sicko is captured, tried and put away where hopefully he will die. 

Congratulations Barry Ardolf, you are officially today's worst person in the world. I personally think hell is too good of a place for this guy to rot.

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