There's no denying Miranda Lambert has been looking good lately! She has tightened and toned her body by doing simple things we can all do daily. However, she believes that size doesn't define a person and she is right about that. 

Another reason for us to love Miranda - she doesn't let her new image go to her head. In a recent interview with Glamour Magainze, the country superstar said "I'm recently a size 6, which I'm proud of, but I've been a size 8 all these years, and it didn't hold me back. My weight yo-yos because I like to live. I'm a Cheetos girl. I won't give up vodka."

Miranda is freaking awesome. She is a normal country girl who likes to eat and doesn't let society's viewpoints on how a woman should look define who she is. I mean come on, she wanted wild game to be eaten at her and Blake Shelton's wedding reception.

"If you’ve got a little muffin top, that doesn’t define you. You have so much more to offer: brains, talent, heart. You can spray-tan and suck in the rest. There’s Spanx for that!” She added, “And Blake? He doesn’t care if my weight changes as long as I stay the same inside.”

Her tips and tricks to staying thin? "I jog. I work out with my trainer. Or I’ll trick myself: I’ll go horseback riding, or Blake and I will go walking in the woods, and it’s like, Uh-oh, I think I accidentally did some cardio!” she told Glamour. “With food — I don’t like vegetables unless there’s ranch or cheese on ‘em. But I drink juice, so I have one vegetable-packed juice in the morning, and I feel like I’ve done my good thing for the day."

There you have it, folks. Miranda Lambert is a real woman who is still going to eat and enjoy life, and health doesn't have to be sacrificed either!