Colin Kaepernick recently caused a kerfluffle recently by refusing to stand during the playing of our National Anthem ahead of a NFL football game. He cited police brutality and the oppression of blacks as the reason for his protest.

On a personal note: I support Kaepernick's right to protest by not standing for the National Anthem. I disagree with the way he chose to protest, but I do support his right to protest.

With that being said, there is talk that others will be taking a knee today in support of Kaepernick, and in protest of something (I guess the same thing that Kaepernick is protesting?). And we all know what today is.

Mitch Albom, who writes for the Detroit Free Press, has a message for Kaepernick and the others who are thinking about protesting today during the National Anthem.

We will not solve any problem — police or otherwise — by retreating to our separate corners and pointing fingers. The first word of our country’s name is “united.” We should try to live up to that, especially today. - Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press

Gentlemen, not today.  Today, we should come together as a country and stand in honor of our great nation.

Flag @ Superdome after 9/11
Photo by Steve Wiley

You can read the full article on the Detroit Free Press website.

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