NAACP members from Lafayette delivered a very powerful message to those looking to start trouble in the city that are not from Lafayette.

On Saturday afternoon/evening several local people came together in Lafayette for a peaceful protest after a man was shot by Lafayette Police Officer on Friday night.

The man was allegedly trying to enter a gas station off of the Thruway while in possession of a knife when he was shot by police.

Sadly, things turned ugly on the streets of Upper Lafayette after the peaceful protests ended Saturday evening. According to local NAACP members in Lafayette, several "outsiders" came into the city to take advantage of an unfortunate situation and that's when the trouble started.

Well, the NAACP delivered a harsh message to those starting trouble in Lafayette, "You aren't welcome here in Lafayette."

According to several reports, some protestors set fires in the medians, threw rocks at police and even attempted to damage private property along the Thruway in Upper Lafayette.

If you have not seen the message from the Lafayette NAACP, you can see the video below.

We will continue to follow this developing story here in Lafayette throughout the weekend and into the start of the new week.


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