And there you have it; yet another athletic person attracted to a female!  It seems like a trend to me: First Brett Favre, now Dallas Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who is next?  Hopefully not Drew Brees.

You can see how inspired Coach Ryan was during the game.

He can't actually think about the football game, he needs some incentive to call the right play!  I think this is funny, in my own humble opinion, but also not a very "professional thing to do."  But hey, who cares about that anymore right?  Wrong, I bet this rubs you the wrong way.

That poor actress, Diora Baird, being shown all over the news now because of the stupid coach.  Wait, remind me who won the Dallas vs. 49ers game this weekend?   Ok, just making sure that picture wasn't getting in the way of coaching!

What do you think about this nonsense?